Nardwuar misses nod as Juno host

At a November 20 media conference at the Commodore, the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences announced that comedian Russell Peters will return to host the Juno Awards ceremony on March 29 at GM Place. The news comes as something of a disappointment to the 820 members of the “Make Nardwuar the Human Serviette the Host of the 2009 Juno Awards” Facebook group. Toronto’s Chart Magazine rallied Nard fans to the cause with an editorial in February. Nardwuar told the Straight that he eventually contacted CARAS pimping his own services. “I e-mailed them a couple of months ago saying, ”˜Hey, there’s a Facebook group! People care! I can do this!’ But I guess they found their man.” Never one to miss an opportunity, Nardwuar added, “If people want to see the job I could have done as a Juno host, they can check out ”˜Nardwuar Nite’ of the Mint Records Christmas party, on Friday, December 5, at the Ukrainian Hall!”