Canwest's Leonard Asper and Dennis Skulsky earn more than any B.C. public servant

The Canwest-owned Vancouver Sun will make a big deal in tomorrow's newspaper about the compensation packages of B.C. public-sector workers.

A quick search of Canwest documents, which are filed with regulators, reveals that its two best-known executives took home more money last year than any public-sector worker in B.C.

Canwest MediaWorks president and CEO Dennis Skulsky received a salary of $650,000 in the past year along with a bonus of $498,938. Canwest MediaWorks owns the Vancouver Sun.

Leonard Asper, CEO of the parent firm Canwest Global Communications Corp., was paid $900,000 and collected a bonus of $153,780 in the past year.

Under the stewardship of Asper and Skulsky, shares in Canwest Global have lost  more than  95 percent  of their value during the past  two years, and yet their incomes still exceed those of any public-sector employee in the province.

According to the Vancouver Sun's research, Adrienne Salvail-Lopez, vice-chair  remuneration at the B.C. Securities Commission, was the  top-paid public-sector worker, taking home  $851,616  in the 2006-07 fiscal year.

"Salvail-Lopez's remuneration includes a one-time $575,000 payment she received as part of a negotiated settlement between her and the BCSC," the Vancouver Sun reported on its Web site this afternoon.