Leaders debate: Gordon Campbell, Jane Sterk, and Carole James on the economy

Here's a transcript of comments  political leaders made on the economy in today's televised debate.  

B.C. Liberal Leader Gordon Campbell:
“When you’re talking about the economy, I think it’s fair to ask the question why there is not one major employer group in British Columbia in mining, in tourism, in forestry that actually supports the New Democrats’ policy. A billion dollars of additional taxes is not the right route to go. It will just jeopardize jobs all over the province. The attacks on small business will jeopardize 50,000 jobs alone. It’s time actually to build on our successes and make sure that we move into the 21st century together.”

Green Leader Jane Sterk:
“The Green Party believes that this is a prime time with this economic downturn that we transform our economy from one that’s based in fossil fuels to one that’s based in renewable energy. And we would do that in every region of the province. We would create new jobs and new industries in exciting green technologies throughout the province so that people can feel that they can have the kind of lifestyle they want where they want to live.”

NDP Leader Carole James:
“In these difficult economic times, people need to know that there is leadership that will put them first. Our plan does that. It’s in fact Gordon Campbell who’s increasing your taxes. We’re decreasing taxes for individuals, for families, for businesses. We’re making investments in things that matter: mining, agriculture, rural British Columbia, education, and health care. We’re doing that within a fiscally responsible plan, a balanced budget in four years, and putting you and your family first. That’s what people are looking for in these tough times.”


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May 3, 2009 at 7:36pm

Campbell is slick; like a salesman. I cant beleive a word out of his mouth. As in 2001 and 2005, we know he doesnt follow through on his promises. I think he failed the debate; he touted various facts that dont even make sense. He doesnt have a platform, so he just acts like a businessman and says things are good.


May 3, 2009 at 9:49pm

I would say he's a bad businessman. Good business people don't mismanage projects by putting in their friends and ending up with a convention centre that is 2x the cost and flooding. Also, BC Rail scandal - he refuses to answer any questions about the raid on the legislature and the involvement of Liberal insiders. Plus he was showing his true arrogant style with his patronizing comments including the one about his "big job." How insulting to women.

Carole is a strong, intelligent, effective leader with lots of leadership experience. Her priority is people and I trust her to lead us through these tough times.

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May 4, 2009 at 12:21pm

Carole James is not a 'strong, intelligent, effective leader' as you say - She's out of her league and everyone knows it. The mainstay of Her entire election platform has been name-calling and ad-hominem threats towards Premier Campbell and his legacy - she's consistently tried to corner him and poke him with a stick like a rabid raccoon. It's insulting to her fellow party mates and to British Columbians that she would stoop so low and play politics at such a dirty, wasteful level just to get her shots in at Premier Campbell. She should be extolling the virtues of her leadership philosophy - but let's be real for a minute here: she doesn't have one.

I am voting green this election because I believe Jane Sterk would make a better opposition leader than Carole James. I realize that my vote will be wasted, but I think the Single Transferrable Vote system will revolutionize BC politics - it will certainly shake things up for the major parties.


May 4, 2009 at 4:24pm

Dan and others planning to throw their votes away:

Could you please just wait until the next election to vote Green? Voting NDP would not be a waste of your vote. You know that the difference between the Libs and NDP is at least as great as that between the Greens and NDP (although i see NDP as more progressive than the Greens anyway).

Wait til STV passes, then you can vote Green all you want. Just be realistic here. Nobody will commend your decision if you decide to throw your vote away and let Gordonator stay at the top.

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May 4, 2009 at 7:37pm

Is this what democracy breaks down to - "please just wait until the next election to vote Green" ..such a blatant admittance of what is wrong with our political system and disrespect for those that fought and died for our right to vote our conscience honestly..."Banishtheneoliberals" you should be ashamed. Not sure how you're sleeping at night with that outright disrespect for democracy.

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May 12, 2009 at 7:14pm

Hahahaha....Char is right and Banish is so typically Carole James(say whatever you have to to get as many votes as possible and if necessary BEG!!). Why not Banish and all his buddies vote for Green this time and maybe next time NDP will have someone competent to vote for!..lol!!


May 12, 2009 at 9:06pm

The liberals have been drenched with scandal since they took power. Not only are they planning on putting a prison in burnaby, using a juvenile institution as an excuse, WITHOUT consulting any of it's residence but they also plan on increasing taxes for small businesses. Jobs are already scarce as it is without putting small business out of business. Cambel has avoided subjects such as the BC Rail scandal. I can't believe that they are expecting the liberals to be re-elected, this proves a world afraid of change.