Video: Quileute Nation of Twilight fame seeks relocation due to tsunami danger

The Washington tribe made famous by the Twilight books and movies is hoping to get some public support for its bid to move its village out of the tsunami danger zone.

Located in La Push on Olympic Peninsula, the Quileute Nation has released a video explaining its plight.

Washington state legislators recently introduced a bill to relocate the Quileute to higher ground.

"This video is a very important educational tool for us to share with the public because it shows the urgency and need for the passage of this newly introduced legislation," Bonita Cleveland, chair of the Quileute Tribal Council, said in a statement. "It will explain the importance of us being able to relocate to higher ground the entire lower village which houses our administrative offices, tribal school, senior center, churches and the US Coast Guard Station that protects Tribal fishermen. It demonstrates the need for the safety of all our tribal members. The only hope the Tribe has to increase the amount of land available for traditional, religious and cultural use, housing and education is for historic Quileute lands held by the federal government to be transferred back to the Tribe.”

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Vince Shank

Apr 13, 2011 at 2:04am

Gee, they wouldn`t just happen to be taking advantage of recent tragic events in Japan to hose taxpayers for a ton of money, land and services-no way.

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