Hot Product: Bourjois's Paris Ballerine

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We are loving the Pavlova-meets-punk-rock look of Bourjois's new Paris Ballerine makeup collection, which just debuted at Shoppers Drugmart (various locations).

The palette is a cool mix of innocent nude-tutu pinks and bad-girl smokey charcoals.

Check out the barely-there feel of the Effet 3D Rose Mythic Lipgloss #34 ($18) and the eyeshadows pointe-shoe-hued Rose Dragee #5 and sparkly-silver Argent Scintillant ($17), both perfect with the Effet Smoky Pencils ($18).

But our favourites are the chic new So Laque! nail shades: the sleek-but-natural-pale Rose Lounge or the more rockin' deep-charcoal Bleu Asphalte, the Black Swan to all that Giselle-like daintiness ($10).

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