Canucks third-round playoff tickets top out at more than $700 a piece

If you thought it cost an arm and leg to see the Canucks play the Predators in the second round of the playoffs--with tickets ranging from $147.25 to $502.25 (plus service charges)--it's gonna cost an arm, a leg, and Pekka Rinne's severed head to watch the third round.

Tickets to see the Canucks play the San Jose Sharks at Rogers Arena now range from $197.25 to $722.25 (plus service charges), but that hasn't stopped hardcore hockey fans from scooping them up, which you can do right here--unless you're saving for a new car or something.

By the way: anybody know how much Pekka Rinne's severed head is going for right now? Considerably less than it was at this time Monday, we suspect.

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