American mice invade Canadian offices

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      Vancouver immigration lawyer Richard Kurland's newsletter always contains some interesting items from inside government, but I can't recall it ever covering rodent infestations. Until now.

      In the July-August edition, Kurland includes a "security alert" written last year by Diane Burrows, a staffer in the Canadian embassy in Washington.

      "There was an epic struggle here yesterday evening as a rather plump mouse met his demise in the middle of the visa section work area—he had clearly taken bait and succumbed. When I left the office he was slightly drugged; later on he emerged and slowly died. Lorraine alerted security and someone took him away.”

      A followup message from Anna Mae Grigg, who works in the New York consulate, declared: “We have failed rather spectacularly to bring our mice under control—to the point where the mission has decided not to renew the infestation treatments contract. Poison does not touch NYC mice—they are tough!!!”

      I will resist the temptation to make any jokes about putting Maple Leaf food products in the vicinity.