David Beckham heralds return of tightie whities at H&M

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      Here's betting that Becks has the power to singlehandedly bring back tighty whities.

      Yes, the Straight has just received its first sample of David Beckham Bodywear for H&M (a sexy new line scheduled to hit stores February 2) and it's a pair of soft, white, cotton-Lycra briefs.

      Baggy boxers, begone! Not since Tom Cruise rocked his Fruit of the Looms in Risky Business has ginch like this threatened to make such a comeback.

      The box here features the man once called Golden Balls flashing his abs and tatties while wearing his carefully sculpted wedgie-ready wonders. It's quite an improvement on Cruise's pink button down and white socks, we might add.

      But as one guy in here commented, dudes hoping to capture Becks's look by buying his briefs might not find it so easy: "If only these could give you abs of steel and a million dollar paycheck."