The Georgia Straight's 2012 sex survey: The lust and thrust report

Our seventh annual sex survey shows that a hot Canadian has booted Johnny Depp from your wicked dreams

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Stop the presses. Johnny Depp is not the actor that women are most keen to take to bed. For six straight years, the debonair former 21 Jump Street star has topped the Georgia Straight sex survey as the most desirable male thespian, but there’s a new stud on the block this year. With women, Depp was supplanted by Canadian Ryan Gosling, who starred or costarred in three films last year: Drive, The Ides of March, and Crazy, Stupid, Love. Former Vancouver resident Ryan Reynolds, star of Green Lantern and The Change-Up, was deemed most fuckable by gay male respondents.

Meanwhile, Vancouver singer-songwriter Dan Mangan was dethroned after being voted the sexiest male musician last year by female respondents. This year, he lost by one vote to Adam Levine, who, incidentally, also had the most gay men panting for him to remove his pants.

There were tens of thousands of individual responses to the questions in our annual online survey. We make no claims that this is a scientific study because those who answer are likely far more sex-positive than the prudes who refused to respond. We hope it provides you with an intriguing and occasionally titillating snapshot of what’s on our readers’ minds—and what’s stirring their wild imaginations.

And now, the results!

2012 sex survey: Celebrities
By Staff | February 9, 2012
Which musician would you have sex with?

2012 sex survey: Gay & Lesbian
By Staff | February 9, 2012
Have you, as a lesbian or gay male, ever had an affair with someone in a heterosexual relationship?

2012 sex survey: Sex by the numbers
By Staff | February 9, 2012
Have you ever sent raunchy pictures of yourself to someone over the Internet?

What’s your wickedest fantasy that you’ve never told anyone?
By Staff | February 9, 2012
See how your fantasies compare to our survey respondents.

What’s the most unusual location where you’ve masturbated?
By Staff | February 9, 2012
Where's the weirdest place you've wacked it?

What’s the most unusual place where you’ve hooked up in the Lower Mainland?
By Staff | February 9, 2012
See how your sex life stacks up compared to our survey respondents.

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No Brainer

Feb 9, 2012 at 4:56pm

Regarding "Sending Raunchy Pictures over the Internet -- They wernt Raunchy -- They were art photos and I was paid $10.00 -- OK so I never got the $10.00, but hey, she lives in Slovenia, so just what the Hell am I supposed to do about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They wernt Raunchy I tell yah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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