News for Youse: Wildcat Air Canada strike reveals airline jobs not as sexy as TV says

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      A wildcat strike by over 100 of Air Canada’s baggage handlers and ground crew at Pearson airport is giving snarky news bloggers all over the country something to write about this morning.

      The action led to hundreds of flights being delayed while at least one baldy-headed asshole was moved to spit in the face of a striking female worker (she returned volley with a nice smack to the back of his ape noggin—sensation seeking News for Youse readers can refer to the CBC website for video of the altercation.)

      The strike ensued after three employees were suspended by the beleaguered airline on Thursday night for 72 hours pending dismissal. They were given the boot for slow-clapping as Labour Minister Lisa Raitt sashayed through a terminal—an action that News for Youse assumes is both within their rights, and hilarious.

      Getting stuck at an airport isn’t hilarious, mind you—let the record show that we also feel the pain of anybody who was stranded that didn’t decide to beat up on some chick over it. This would include righteous sister and Newfoundland and Labrador MHA Gerry Rogers, who told the CBC, “This is about workers' rights, and I totally support this. If I have to wait in this airport for 10 hours for my luggage, so be it."

      Reportedly, the strike began to peter out later in the morning, but not before the labour minister’s office sent a big scary email to the Ceeb stating, "Law enforcement agencies and other hired goons with sticks have been contacted, and will be deployed if necessary, grrrr!” (report has been embellished for dramatic impact.)

      In international news, French weirdo Nicholas Sarkozy clearly let the wine do the talking again yesterday when he waved a scimitar in the air during a rally in Strasbourg and promised a crackdown on anyone caught visiting “extremist websites.”

      "Anyone who regularly consults Internet sites which promote terror or hatred or violence will be sentenced to prison," said the swivel-eyed French prez. “What is possible for pedophiles should be possible for trainee terrorists and their supporters, too.” Whoa! Sound familiar? Are these clowns all handed the same dark playbook when they take their ceremonial positions as frontmen for the big, global lockdown?

      Sarkozy’s comments come at the end of a devastating week in France which began with the execution of three children and a rabbi at a Jewish school on Monday. The suspect—an alleged Muslim radical who earlier killed three Muslim soldiers—died in a 32 hour siege yesterday.

      But Mohammed Merah’s background is beginning to take on a depressingly familiar murk. He was known to French intelligence and was said to have escaped along with hundreds of Taliban insurgents from a jail in Afghanistan in 2008. Except that he was never at that jail, according to sources in both the Afghan government and Pakistani intelligence.

      Merah is dead, so it’s not like he can clear up this or any of the other questions that’ll no doubt surface in the coming weeks. Funny how that happens, but hey! At least the WaPo got the headline it was looking for.

      Anyway—you hear that sound, right? Yeah, it’s getting closer. Just ask the residents of Clintonville, Wisconsin.