Gay men will steal your girlfriends with motherfucking quiche

Since gay marriage was legalized in Canada in 2005, this particular problem highlighted below has significantly reduced in intensity in the Great White North. (Unfortunately, some closeted gay men didn't quite get the memo because of their neurotic aversion to reading updates about the gay agenda.)

With Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington all voting in favour of same-sex marriage in this past election, the tide is shifting south of the border. (As David Horsey points out in the Los Angeles Times, it's creating a national divide.)

However, those fine folks at College Humour have come up with solution in dealing with those states that still foolishly think resistance isn't futile.

Think Will & Grace was a harmless, fluffy sitcom about the close friendship between a gay man and a straight woman? Pish. It was actually a covert national contingency plan teaching gay men how to steal the girlfriends of straight men.

Quiche, motherfuckers.

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Quiche is pretty easy to make...I'd be worried about anyone, straight or gay, who couldn't manage to make a quiche...
Rating: 0
Oralia Sanchez
If you a gay person can vote, and get taxed they should be able to marry who they want...this fly supports gay marriage!
Rating: +2
R U Kiddingme
I dunno about the scientific background of this. Quiche is very easy and not fussy or dramatic. Straight man food! Quiche is calorically fattening and tends to ruin your figure. Straight man food!

Damn now I want some quiche
Rating: -9
Ditto that
Trust me any gay man that steals a girlfriend of mine can have em
Good riddance, baby!
Rating: +6
orlando zing
as long as they don't fuck my quiche...
Rating: +8
Str8 Guy
I wouldn't be willing to cook a motherfucking quiche. I say vote yes on gay marriage...
Rating: -2
I'm gay and
I make burnt scrambled eggs, with shell bits. I tried adding beer, it doesn't work. And I'm already married, thanks. To a dude.
Rating: +5
hell, great quiche is worth it's weight in gold...come here, gay brethren, take my gal, but leave me that amazing quiche...;)
Rating: +7
James G
By gay standards, I can't cook. Of course I can make any breakfast food reasonably well including a quiche, presuming a pre-made pie shell. That is the flaw in this otherwise cutesy clip. Baking a quiche from scratch would simply take too long to do it up right! It might even take too long even with a pie shell at the ready.

How much more appreciated would be a quick omelette or frittata or heuvos rancheros? I suspect the 'motherfucking quiche' was chosen to symbolize culinary talent because of that hoary old cliche that 'real men don't eat quiche'. Today there would be a lot more focus on the carbs in that dish from women and men, gay and straight.
Rating: +2
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