Lighten up with Life of Brian at the Rio Theatre

This Friday (Dec. 7), 11 pm, the Rio Theatre will be showing Monty Python’s 1979 skewering of religion and Hollywood epics, Life of Brian.

Life of Brian tells the tale of an unassuming man named Brian, who was born on Christmas Eve in the stable next door and is mistaken for the Messiah. In fact, Brian’s whole life reads like an extremely fractured take on the life of Jesus: He attends the Sermon on the Mount (but can’t hear a bit of it, as he’s in the cheap seats), falls in with the People’s Front of Judea liberation group (or is that the Judean People’s Front?), and amasses a group of followers determined to regard everything he does as a miracle.

At this rate, you can probably guess that the story won’t have a happy ending, but with such a sunny take on the Crucifixion, you won’t mind a bit.

Tickets are $8, but you can get your hands on one for $6 if you come in a movie-related costume. More reason to dig out those sandals and robes, I say.

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Patrick Brando
Just imagine if this was a movie made about a Muslim Life of Brian. At least Christians have a sense of humor.
Rating: -5
There were big protests when it came out from both Christian and Jewish groups. There are irrational people of every ethos, not just Muslims.
Rating: +2
Adrian Mack
Remember when all those Muslims went around burning Beatles records?
Rating: +1
leslie Murray
aah, memories......
Rating: -4
@Adrian Mack.....good one.Probably the only time I can remember Muslims not only being white,but wearing sheets and pointed hats.
Rating: -5
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