Modern Bartender has gifts for the amateur mixologist


Know someone who loves mixing up a good drink at home? Chances are you’ll find the perfect gift for them at the Modern Bartender (28 East Pender Street). The new Gastown shop stocks everything an amateur mixologist could possibly need—except alcohol, that is. The selection includes cocktail ingredients such as vanilla beans and Peychaud’s bitters, lemon reamers, silver-plated mint julep cups, and mini oak barrels for aging spirits. Vintage glassware and juicers are on offer, and tiki accessories, too. For the G & T enthusiast, Liber & Co.’s spiced tonic syrup ($24 for 16 ounces) makes a nice present along with soda and a bottle of gin.

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This is a great store, it has everything you could ever want for your home bar. I love the oak barrels, will make a great Christmas gift for my bar crazy husband.
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