Ask Your Bartender

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      Patio season is just around the corner, which means you need to start bringing up your alcohol-tolerance level for the long, hot nights ahead. Vancouver's nightclubs are as good a place as any to begin training. The next time you're out on the town, try one of the following drinks, recommended by the people who lovingly pour them.

      Colin Mackay, Plaza
      The Drink: Marquee
      Word From the Bartender: “Nobody ever complains about this one—it comes from the Caprice, our sister club, which is where it was invented. It's red Alizé, Stoli Razberi, and cranberry, and it's a martini although I also make it as a shooter. People love it—I'll go through 10 bottles of Alizé and 10 bottles of Stoli on a Friday and Saturday making them. The Marquee is my cornerstone drink.”

      Saren Voisey, Piccadilly Pub
      The Drink: Drop Dead
      Word From the Bartender: “I've only ever had one person that could actually handle it. It's a shot that's El Jimador tequila, Jack Daniel's, and a drop of grenadine. Sometimes I'll add other things as well. People will say, ‘I want a shot that's going to get me drunk.' I'll give them one of these and they have to have water right after they have it.”

      Dallas Richards, Arts Club Backstage Lounge
      The Drink: Pineapple Upside Down Cake
      Word From the Bartender: “I'm more of a shooter kind of guy. One of my favourites is the Pineapple Upside Down Cake, which is off the beaten path, as opposed to something like a B-52. It's got Baileys liqueur, which gives it a cream kind of taste, butter ripple schnapps, and a splash of pineapple juice. You shake it over ice and pour it into a shot glass. It's really good because it tastes just like cake. Women like it because it's kind of dessert-y and not too strong.”

      Sharon White, Pub 340
      The Drink: Bazooka Joe
      Word From the Bartender: “The other day these American girls were in and I was making shooters. I put all kinds of yummy stuff in them—Blue Curaçao, some Bols Banana, some Baileys, and a fourth thing that I can't quite remember. It was a lot of fun, and they really liked them because they were really yummy. They tasted like bubble gum—just like Bazooka Joe.”

      Chris Reed, Waldorf Hotel
      The Drink: Flaming Lamborghini
      Word From the Bartender: “This is always a good one. You take Galiano, Kahlúa, Blue Curaçao, Sambuca, cinnamon, and milk. You pour it into a martini glass with the cinnamon sprinkled on top. You light it up and there are flames a half a foot above the drink, with the cinnamon catching the flames so that it sparkles.”