The Georgia Straight's guide to the 2013 PuSh International Performing Arts Festival

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Our guide to this year's PuSh International Performing Arts Festival features an operatic Slavic wedding, unexpected takes on King Lear, a searing look at war photogaphy, and much, much more. 

On your marks, get set.... PuSh!

The Balkan bride gets the spotlight in Svadba/Wedding

Two plays put wildly different twists on King Lear

Seattle choreographer Zoe Scofield dances through A Crack in Everything

At the PuSh Festival's Fictions series, it’s blindfolds and human books

Photog: An Imaginary Look at the Uncompromising Life of Thomas Smith is a life-or-death journey

Jacob Richmond’s Ride the Cyclone rolls its way to a hit

Winnipeg Babysitter resurrects the odd, lost world of DIY TV

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