I, Malvolio at the Cultch


In I, Malvolio, England’s Tim Crouch is quite a sight as he stands before the audience in his grimy long johns and devil horns, surrounded by buzzing flies. He’s playing the pompous, wronged steward from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, the one who’s tricked into thinking the noblewoman Olivia has the hots for him. Malvolio ends up in the madhouse—and that’s pretty much the starting point for Crouch’s insanely inspired one-man show. It’s a wonderfully warped study of everything from bullying to self-loathing, as hilarious as it is moving. As the Guardian wrote: “It puts the audience on the spot, luring us to a place where we think we’re safe and then turning the tables to force us to consider our moral bearings, what we really think.” That’s reason enough to head down to the Cultch before February 10 to catch this bitter little treat as part of the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival.

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Norman Armour
Tim Crouch and his brilliant I, Malvolio is... Just a like a nice glass of bourbon: tart, but sweet, a bit bitter to the taste, but ultimately warms the spirit and kindles the mind.
Rating: -5
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