Gamelan Gita Asmara at SFU Woodward’s

Close your eyes when listening to Gamelan Gita Asmara, and you could easily imagine yourself in Denpasar, drinking fresh coconut water and puffing on a clove-scented kretek. But the members of Vancouver’s resident Balinese-music ensemble will soon find themselves there for real, performing their North American–flavoured brand of gamelan for audiences of Balinese connoisseurs—and the extra rehearsals they’ve been putting in mean that their upcoming concerts at SFU Woodward’s Fei and Milton Wong Experimental Theatre will be even more dazzlingly executed than usual. With ace dancer-choreographer Justine Chambers joining the troupe this Friday and Saturday (May 17 and 18), expect a true sound-and-music spectacle along with the usual ringing tones of beaten brass.