Cavalia's Odysseo in Vancouver


In case you haven’t seen the banners, the billboards, or the gigantic white tent near Cambie Bridge, Cavalia’s Odysseo has just opened in Vancouver—and we’re here to tell you it lives up to the hype. The horse-circus spectacle is larger than life and significantly more massive than the original show that the Montreal-based mega-production trotted into town two years ago. How massive? Let’s just say the tent, which has a stage the size of two NFL football fields, features a mountain and, late in the show, a lake that the equine stars splash through; through the use of high-def 3D graphics, the entire area becomes a variety of dreamlike locations around the globe. At one point dozens of horses fill the stage, alongside African acrobats and musicians. As for the other surprises, we’ll just have to let you find out for yourself, from now into January.

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