Super Night Shot at the Vancouver Playhouse


Buzz has it that the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival’s opening event on Tuesday (January 14) at the Vancouver Playhouse will be one of its hottest shows. For Super Night Shot, the performers of the Gob Squad Arts Collective (based in Berlin and Nottingham) will run around the streets of Vancouver with movie cameras for 60 minutes before the curtain opens. What they collect forms the film that the audience will view. The idea? To take the anonymous and serendipitous, the urban landscape of strangers, and present them with the glitz of a movie opening. The project has been filmed and performed almost 200 times around the world, to great reviews. In his curatorial statement, PuSh executive director Norman Armour recounts his experience watching Super Night Shot in Austin, Texas: “I found myself swept up in the evening’s sense of joy, its giddy rollercoaster-type ride, and the clever way in which the city and its inhabitants shone at centre stage.…At its heart it is a simple parlour game of monstrous risk. Impossible to explain.” In other words, unmissable for those who like their art dangerous, spontaneous, and surprising.

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