Kitty Nights celebrates six years at the Biltmore


Kitty Nights at the Biltmore has been bumping and grinding for six years, and now the wildly popular weekly burlesque event is ready to celebrate its anniversary. On Sunday night (January 19), hosts Burgundy Brixx (above) and the Purrrfessor present performers from Sweet Soul Burlesque, Pandora and the Locksmiths, the Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society, and the new Lost Girls Burlesque as part of the party. The extravaganza will have special resonance beyond the fishnets and feather boas: its producers, Kirsten Hogan (Burgundy Brixx) and Doug Thoms (the Purrrfessor), who brought Kitty Nights here from New York, are also celebrating the fact that they recently won permanent-resident status in Canada after a three-year struggle. Now, there’s a good reason to shake it!

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Whatever became of Miss Kitty Le Mew, a diminutive burlesque performer in Vancouver in the 1990s and one-time girlfriend of the late Ray Condo? She was wonderful.
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