605 Collective’s Inheritor Album at the Scotiabank Dance Centre


It seems local crowds are getting hip to the street-dance-tinged, coolly contemporary shot of adrenaline that is 605 Collective: the Vancouver troupe’s Inheritor Album shows at this year’s PuSh International Performing Arts Festival starting Thursday night (January 30) at the Scotiabank Dance Centre are sold out—but luckily they’ve included a matinee this Sunday (February 2). The Album gets added atmosphere and dimension from the hand-drawn animation of L.A. innovator Miwa Matreyek. She also just happens to be giving fans a chance to see her mind-blowing Myth and Infrastructure. In it, the artist steps behind the screen to become a silhouette character in her own fantastical moving drawings. Her show takes place Saturday night (February 1) in a double bill with Theatre Conspiracy’s Duets for One at Club PuSh (Performance Works on Granville Island).

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