Dancing on the Edge festival to salute senior artists Karen Jamieson, Jennifer Mascall, Tedd Robinson


The Dancing on the Edge festival's recently announced lineup is a mix of well-known  veterans and up-and-comers.

Karen Jamieson, Jennifer Mascall, Christopher House, and Tedd Robinson are some of the old guard with works on the roster when the event hits the Firehall Arts Centre and other venues and a range of outdoor sites from July 3 to 12.

Young artists include Arash Khakpour, Vanessa Goodman, Lara Kramer, Deanna Peters, and Olivia C. Davies.

Site-specific works such as Justine Chambers's immersive dining experience Family Dinner and battery opera’s interactive installation, Dance Machine. Popular outdoor works at Portside Park will return for Dusk Dances’ 20th anniversary, hosted by Tara Cheyenne FriedenbergOther outdoor venues include the SFU Woodward’s Atrium and the Firehall Courtyard.

The full roster and tickets are at dancingontheedge.org/.

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