Police arrest two men in connection with robbery at Douglas Reynolds Gallery


Vancouver police believe they've solved a violent crime in one of the city's posher neighbourhoods.

Today, they announced that they've recovered several pieces of stolen jewellery from a rooming house.

The pieces are from the Douglas Reynolds Gallery at 2335 Granville Street.

In the early afternoon of July 14, a thief smashed a display case in the South Granville gallery, stealing gold aboriginal art works.

He was spotted hopping into a getaway car, according to a VPD news release.

Police found the vehicle not far away and arrested the driver.

Scott Robert Deckert, 51, has been charged with armed robbery.

Later, police arrested a second man, 41-year-old Harold Jason Amos.

He has been charged with armed robbery, disguise with intent, possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose, posession of a firearm contrary to an order, and possession of stolen property.

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Ben Sili
Great work. Glad they did get those thieves so quickly. Aboriginal art is a big business in Vancouver estimated a few years ago by the Vancouver Sun at $100 million a year.
Rating: -4
mara wilson
Let us think now, this thief jumped into a getaway car, but when the police pulled over the person in the car, it was only him, and not the thief. I feel as though this should have been investigated more, to see if the person who was driving the car knew exactly what was happening. People just go right on and assume.
Rating: -1
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