Life-size picnic-basket public artwork to be unveiled in Steveston on May 13

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      Rhonda Weppler, the inaugural Branscombe House Artist-in-Residence has sparked the creativity of local Richmond residents. 

      The Gathering is a life-size picnic basket of small food items sculpted by dozens of community members. In the last few months of her residency, Weppler hosted The Gathering workshops, where more than 60 residents of all ages came to sculpt a food item.

      The creations were then placed in a picnic basket that she had cast in bronze to create The Gathering as a gift for the community.

       As part of the unveiling event, attendees are encouraged to decorate their own cookie artwork to take home.The newest piece of community public art will be revealed at historic Branscombe House in Steveston. Mayor Malcom Brodie, City of Richmond councillors, and artist Weppler will participate.

      The event happens Saturday (May 13) from 1 to 3 p.m. in Steveston at Railway Avenue Greenway south of Branscombe House (4900 Steveston Highway).

      Artistic locals contribute to the community artwork.
      Rhonda Weppler