11 must-listen comedy albums by Vancouver's funniest comics

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      If you follow our weekly comedy/improv roundups or That Time I Bombed series, you'll know that there is a ton of comedy to see in Vancouver. But did you know that there are plenty of sets you can also listen to in your spare time? Some of Vancouver’s best comedians have been releasing albums for years and you probably didn’t know about them.

      Here is a rundown of albums released by some of the city's funniest comics in the last year:

      Kevin Banner  Dreamboat

      Kevin Banner is the first comedian to release an album with 604 Records. He's been working hard on his set and it shows with this polished result. Banner's charm makes his dark sense of humor relatable, which is no easy task. A physical copy of his album will be available on vinyl on May 25. The original was released on October 21, 2016. Listen here.



      John Cullen  Most Likely To Be a Comedian

      Not only is John Cullen a teacher, but he also hosts two podcasts and is a successful curler, drummer, and touring comedian. Cullen has a lot of charisma and it shines when he hits the stage. He has so much fun performing that he sweeps you up in the moment. Released only a week ago, his album is fresh off the press and hilarious from beginning to end. 



      Kyle Bottom  album

      Vancouver’s favourite bearded weirdo, Kyle Bottom released a seven-track album last summer. The whole album is killer. His comedy is one-of-a-kind and hilarious, and his stories are captivating. Released on July 17, 2016. 



      Ivan Decker  I Wanted To Be a Dinosaur

      Ivan Decker is a young, smart guy and he uses his intelligence to put a unique spin on everyday events to turn them into comedy magic. Released on December 23, 2016. 



      Dino Archie — Settling Old Scores

      Dino Archie’s second release, Settling Old Scores, begins where his previous album, Choosey Lover, left off. They were released about a year apart from each other, but Archie doesn’t skimp on the goofs and spoofs in either. This album is hilarious and a must-listen. Released on January 23, 2017. 



      Chris James — An Actual Comedy Album

      Okay, so this album by Chris James was released in December 2015, but it's so good (and close enough) that I had to include it. 



      Darcy Michaels — Family Highs

      Darcy Michaels has accomplished a lot in his comedy career. He starred in Spun Out alongside Dave Foley and has many movie and television credits. He has appeared at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, Halifax Comedy Festival, Just For Laughs, and has his own Comedy Now special. He also has a show in development titled Darcy, so releasing an album was a no-brainer. A sassy, hilarious, no brainer. Released on May 5, 2016. 



      Garrett Clark — Night Danger

      Garrett Clark bounces back and forth between a few cities, but stops in Vancouver often. He has appeared in many commercials and television shows, but standup is his real passion. His impressions are fantastic and his humour is sharp. Do yourself a favour and check out this album. Released on April 5, 2017. 



      Byron Bertram — Bear Candy

      Byron Bertram was one of the first acts I ever saw in Vancouver 16 years ago. He was street performing as his Byron-from-England character and he was hilarious. Watching him work the crowd was memorable and his juggling and escape artistry was fantastic. I didn’t know he was also a comic until a few years ago and was pleased to see him do standup. Grab this album because it is a delight and Byron is truly multi-talented and very funny. Released in October 2016. 



      Wes Barker  Full Frontal Magic

      Magicians can’t release albums for obvious reasons, so I am including Wes Barker's special on this list. Barker has appeared on America’s Got Talent and Penn and Teller: Fool Us (where he indeed fooled the legendary magician duo) and has performed at JFL NorthWest and many other notable festivals. His stunt magic is unbelievable and his humor is charming. Released on May 22, 2016. Watch it here or here.



      Simon King  Furious

      Simon King spends a lot of time across the pond in England honing his act. This has helped make him a force on stage: he gives it to you straight with explosive delivery and his humour always makes you think. Think George Carlin meets Sam Kinison. Released on September 30, 2016. 


      I can’t mention these albums without giving a shout out to Fake Shark frontman, Kevvy, who has mixed and produced many of these works. (Specifically, Choosey Lover, Settling Old Scores, An Actual Comedy Album, Most Likely To Be a Comedian, Dreamboat, I Wanted to Be a Dinosaur, and album). He has become a bit of a Rick Rubin in Vancouver's comedy scene.

      Soon-to-be-released albums to look forward to later this year include works by comedians Graham Clark, Phil Hanley, and Shirley Gnome. No release dates have been set for these.