Dancing on the Edge festival focuses on Unwrapping Culture

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      As the Dancing on the Edge festival leaps, glides, twists, and turns into its final weekend, look for Unwrapping Culture, Co.ERASGA’s collaboration with Thailand’s brilliant Pichet Klunchun.

      Prepare for mountains of trinkets culled from that country’s night markets in a dizzying, neon-coloured look at the politics of commercialism amid an ancient Buddhist culture. It happens tonight through Friday (July 12 to 14) at the KW Production Studio, Woodward’s Heritage Building.

      Elsewhere, you’ll want to rock out at No Fun, Helen Simard’s outrageous ode to Iggy Pop, Friday and Saturday (July 14 and 15) at the Firehall Arts Centre. And we like the looks of the mixed Edge 6 program at the same venue on Wednesday and Friday (July 12 and 14), featuring the innovative work of Deanna Peters and Daelik.