Arts Choices

Here’s an event you’ll find especially illuminating.
Who’s in for some dick and fart jokes?
Everyone loves a good holiday tradition. How about getting in on the ground floor with one?
The exquisitely classical mixes with the cutting-edge when the youthful Coastal City Ballet opens its 2014-15 season.
In his solo show, theatrical lighting designer Itai Erdal, who calls Vancouver home, tells the story of his mom Mery’s death.
L-E-V’s dancers inhabit a strange, technological universe that falls somewhere between a sci-fi movie and a techno house.
Yes, sometimes humour can be found in even life’s saddest moments.
re are things that can haunt you in more frightening ways than the ghosts and ghouls of Halloween.
Rumble Theatre is really shaking things up this year with its Tremors festival.