Arts Choices

Take the intimate, quaintly set Deep Cove Shaw Theatre and put long-time acoustic legend Roy Forbes on its stag
It’s like an all-you-can-eat buffet of dance, and it’s free.
The just-announced, one-night-only performance at the Vogue Theatre doesn’t happen till November 12, but we wanted to tell you now because tickets go on sale September 15.
It’s a growing movement around the world, and it comes to the Scotiabank Dance Centre on Sunday (September 7):
Urban landscapes fill the picturesque Ferry Building Gallery in West Vancouver as Richard Tetrault exhibits his paintings and prints from September 9 to 28.
Like the carnival of flavours that is its food, the Yucatán peninsula also boasts art that has a unique fusion of styles and cultures.
The Vancouver Fringe Festival is celebrating its 30th birthday with a cool lineup of special guests
It’s a marriage made in arts heaven: opera and Shakespeare.
The fourth annual event includes a gallery opening with ceramic and graphic art, followed by a show featuring music, film, and dance.