Arts Choices

It’s one of the funniest shows we’ve ever seen—and we’ve seen a lot of ’em.
Early Music Vancouver is hitting the resonant low notes for its final concert of the season.
Here’s what we know: Chewbacca does a burlesque number.
Music on Main gave renowned composer Jocelyn Morlock carte blanche to choose whatever she wanted to program.
The Scottish standup may not be as regular as spring, but close to it.
It’s National Poetry Month, and you’re stuck for a way to celebrate.
Attendees won’t necessarily have to gird their loins for battle.
Neither a madcap prodigy nor a tortured genius, Johannes Brahms doesn’t get the pop-culture props given his peers.
With This Stays in the Room, the confessional metaphor becomes literal.
A clue to Azano, the latest offering in Boca del Lupo’s provocative Micro Performance Series, comes when you sound it out semi-phonetically.