Arts Choices

The Vancouver Academy of Music–based Koerner Quartet is launching its first public season in style.
Don’t let the peruque and cravat fool you: Johannes Sebastian Bach liked to let his real hair down.
Porter has built up great comedic resentment.
How often do we get to hear art songs from the Second Viennese School?
David Wilson has lived in Vancouver for 25 years, and you can tell he knows the life and character of the streets here in everything he paints.
Vetta Chamber Music launches its season with piano great Jane Coop at the keyboards.
Take the intimate, quaintly set Deep Cove Shaw Theatre and put long-time acoustic legend Roy Forbes on its stag
It’s like an all-you-can-eat buffet of dance, and it’s free.
The just-announced, one-night-only performance at the Vogue Theatre doesn’t happen till November 12, but we wanted to tell you now because tickets go on sale September 15.