Arts Choices

It’s a marriage made in arts heaven: opera and Shakespeare.
The fourth annual event includes a gallery opening with ceramic and graphic art, followed by a show featuring music, film, and dance.
The world comes to the Pacific National Exhibition this year, with a rainbow nation of culture-hopping performances each day.
The one-night art tour called Rove could not be better-named.
Female artists speak to the complicated mix of emotions that is grief in an exhibit, workshops, performances, discussions, and poetry readings this weekend.
Fresh St. Art Market is a fantastic place to find one-of-a-kind paintings, photographs, jewellery, glasswork, and much, much more.
It’s tempting to describe the Vancouver Chamber Choir’s upcoming Saturday-afternoon shows as “immersive”.
This is a Big Apple you won’t see on your average city tour.
We’ve said it before, but we’ll quote it again, just because we love the way Kokoro Dance describes its annual