Dance Reviews

The result is a show that’s as strange as it is mesmerizing.
This rendition's strengths are its opulent sets and costumes, and a corps that boasts technical polish
Things near and far’s opening at the Firehall Arts Centre looked like a who’s who of the dance scene in Vancouver.
Brilliance is one thing, sustained brilliance another.
Before we move on to the performers, let’s give thanks to an artist most Small Stage viewers will never see: MovEnt lighting designer Jonathan Ryder.
Denise Clarke is so charismatic that it almost doesn’t matter that there are big holes in wag.
Judith Garay’s 20.20.20 might have pedestrian roots, but its execution was impressive.
One shellshocked-looking viewer commented that he loved the show, but needed a drink immediately after so much stimulation.
Vintage suitcases, blue men’s Jockey underwear, and a pair of high-heeled patent-red pumps came together in Dancing on the Edge's mixed programs this week.