Dance Reviews

From dancing men in mouse masks to extended boxing embraces, erratic Rocco makes for a night of fascination and fun
You expect the unexpected and the cheekily imaginative from Israel Galván.
Some rigorous pruning and a few more rehearsals might produce a more engaging work.
The dramatic entrance is an apt introduction to the way the dance-theatre artist will hop religions, madly mashing spiritual ideas with her own skeptical, earth-bound brand of soul-searching.
Once again, the relatively small festival is proving it’s not afraid to take big risks.
Barak Marshall, Hofesh Shechter, and Richard Siegal are the top choreographers on the program.
Yes, your mind, your ears, and your eyes had to work at this show, but for those up for a challenge, it was invigorating.
One of the great things about Dances for a Small Stage is that if you don’t like what’s happening at any given point, something different will be along in five minutes or less.
This was hugely accessible dance, a complex hybrid of cultures that was deceptively easy-breezy