Dance Reviews

Judith Garay’s 20.20.20 might have pedestrian roots, but its execution was impressive.
One shellshocked-looking viewer commented that he loved the show, but needed a drink immediately after so much stimulation.
Vintage suitcases, blue men’s Jockey underwear, and a pair of high-heeled patent-red pumps came together in Dancing on the Edge's mixed programs this week.
It's amazing what rising young choreographer Vanessa Goodman can create with sheets of plastic and a few hundred balloons.
It’s not entirely clear what Tariq Hussain’s curatorial criteria were, but if he was shooting for range, he succeeded with what proved a hugely diverse program.
The collaboration between producing partners MovEnt and the Shadbolt was inspired.
If you stopped being afraid of the dark a long time ago, Amber Funk Barton’s new work just might bring back that old sense of panic.
In fact, things got off to such a good start on opening night that the audience was on its feet whooping and applauding long before the show even ended.
From dancing men in mouse masks to extended boxing embraces, erratic Rocco makes for a night of fascination and fun