Music Arts Reviews

Credit must be given to Music on Main artistic director David Pay for bringing his personal vision of Orpheus to life with this multimedia event.
The ambitious new opera Pauline may not get everything right, but it gets the most important thing right.
The only bad news? It’s not going to happen again in 2015.
From its lush music to its army of on-stage talent, Don Carlo is notoriously challenging. And damned if the Vancouver Opera doesn’t pull it off.
My new favourite composer died 308 years ago, and I look forward to hearing fresh music from him soon.
There’s a downside to presenting chronological surveys of the great composers: not all gods are born that way.
Despite a whooping standing ovation, the group declined an encore.
Personally, I’m tempted to say, “This was a wonderful concert” and leave it there.
For a moment, I almost regretted being a heathen.
The sex-crazed title character in Vancouver Opera’s new Don Giovanni clearly doesn’t know a good catch when he has one.