Public Dreams has mystery event planned for Vancouver

The organizers of the Illuminares festival are keeping the details secret for now

The Vancouver organizers of the popular Illuminares and Parade of Lost Souls festivals are trying to generate some buzz about a new event they have planned.

In a playful effort to pique people’s curiosity and raise support, Public Dreams is keeping mum for now on what exactly they have in mind.

What the nonprofit group has revealed is it will be a one-day “multidisciplinary” event taking place in Vancouver sometime in early 2013.

“We’ve been wanting to do another event for some time now and we feel like Vancouver is really lacking for fun and interesting things to do in the dead of winter,” artistic director Azfir told the Straight.

Azfir, who goes by one name, said it will be in the same community-friendly spirit as other events organized by Public Dreams.

To help make the mystery event a reality, Public Dreams has also just launched a fundraising campaign.

Azfir said the amount of financial support received will determine the scale of the actual event.

“We really need the community to get behind this in order for it to happen. Public Dreams isn’t in a position, at the moment, to be able to do this. So we’re really looking for the community to get behind it and support us financially so that we can launch this.”

As part of the fundraising campaign, the Public Dreams website now features an image of a cluster of multi-coloured boxes.

As donations come in, Azfir explained, the boxes will be removed, slowly revealing an image beneath that will shed light on what the mystery event is all about.

The event details are expected to be officially announced in the new year. Azfir said he would like to see the event catch on and grow.

“We’re hoping that it will become something in the vein of Illuminares and Parade of Lost Souls where it will slowly build in scale and eventually become a festival.”