Puppetry of the Penis at the Centre in Vancouver for Performing Arts


Who doesn’t love to watch blokes manhandling their one-eyed trouser snakes? Judging by the popularity of Puppetry of the Penis, dick tricks are all the rage. The show has played to sell-out crowds in over 20 countries since it began back in 1997. If you’re one of the few who has missed it so far, you’ve got another chance on Sunday (October 25) at the Centre in Vancouver for Performing Arts. Be forewarned, though: there is, indeed, full-frontal nudity. In fact, there’s nothing else. But while some of the penile origami looks painful, no penises will be hurt during the show. Opening up for the lads will be the ribald Canadian Comedy Award nominee Shelley Marshall.

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steve doug
i cant believe what the world had come to this is in such poor taste and low class
Rating: +2
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