PuSh Festival

Executive and artistic director Norman Armour and associate curator Joyce Rosario agreed to reveal some of the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival’s most exciting pieces.
Luckily for us, the members of the Nottingham- and Berlin-based arts collective Gob Squad have been dreaming big.
Coordinating a time for an interview with a working mother is a tricky affair. Even more so when that mother is internationally renowned Inuk throat singer Tanya Tagaq.
In A Brimful of Asha, Ravi Jain brings his theatre-hating mom on-stage to argue about her attempt to arrange a marriage for him.
Montreal provocateur, dance artist, and musician Frédérick Gravel has rocked Quebec and Europe with this show to enthusiastic response.
Choreographer Pierre-Paul Savoie has recruited dancers, instrumentalists, and singers to pay tribute to the late, beloved Quebec chanteuse.
Compared to some of the multiperformer, multiscreen, multimedia extravaganzas at this year’s PuSh Festival, Mixtape seems dauntingly simple.
In Rabih Mroué’s video Shooting Images, a rooftop sniper and a cameraman at a blown-out window focus their sights on each other.
Gob Squad synchronized its watches and shot a manic multiscreen film on Vancouver streets in just one hour.
The 36-year-old musician had been suffering from colon cancer, and the disease took his life on January 13.