Theatre Reviews

Red Rock Diner contains more forced fun than a Japanese game show.
This Bard on the Beach production is gorgeous and hilarious.
Gods Plans is at a cool warehouse venue on Frances Street. It contains fresh, noteworthy talent, some raw, some refined.
The artists in this production of The Marriage of Figaro are going for it, which is great. Unfortunately, they don’t always get it.
Because it feels like there’s no middle, it’s hard to squeeze much satisfaction out of first-time playwright Briana Brown’s The Concessions.
Wicked works best, in my experience, if you pay attention to the words and don’t get your hopes up for the music.
Puppeteer Matthias Kuchta plays well with others—very, very well.
He builds a casual rapport with the audience quite unlike anything you've ever seen before. And he does it without uttering a word.
Sal Capone: The Lamentable Tragedy of is a lot of contradictory things, but one point is indisputable: this show is alive!