Theatre Reviews

Watching this musical about a caver trapped underground, I felt like I was trapped in the theatre—at least for much of Act 1.
The acting is terrific and the issue is important, but Whose Life Is It Anyway? sometimes forgets that it’s a play.
How can so much talent produce such a dull first act?
This amateur production blows most professional shows I’ve seen lately out of the water.
Because it doesn’t explore significant relationships, the script gives us broad strokes and details, but little depth.
Nothing but Sky gets smothered under the weight of its ambitions.
Assured on all fronts, this production is a pleasure from start to finish.
Time in the theatre is precious. Why is the Arts Club wasting it with Driving Miss Daisy?
The young actors do excellent work, even though they are performing in one of the worst plays I’ve ever seen.
There’s technique in The Fugue Fugue, but only superficial resonance.