Theatre Reviews

The problem with creating a mind-blowing show is that, when you’re next show is really, really good, it’s a little disappointing by comparison.
It’s depressing when caution masquerades as daring and dullness is celebrated as subtlety.
Whether it’s to get the biggest laugh or the maximum vulnerability, solo performer Tara Travis knows how to spin a line.
Monologist Sam Mullins is charmingly unaffected as he shares stories based on some painful—but affecting—truths.
Jacques Lalonde’s exuberance and sheer goodwill make up for what the play lacks in polish and structure.
Morgan Jones Phillips' knack for deadpan observation and his humility make for an engaging glimpse into a world most of us have never seen up close.
Anatolia Speaks is both genuinely moving and unfortunately manipulative.
When this guy calls his sister "a monster", he ain't kidding.