Theatre Reviews

Tennessee Williams’s The Glass Menagerie is one of the most beautiful scripts in the English language—but this production only reveals that beauty intermittently.
Go. Take somebody you love. Start a holiday tradition.
Crazy for You will leave you with absolutely nothing to think about, but it may be that thinking is overrated.
Based on my seven-year-old’s reaction to James and the Giant Peach—“I want more!”—Carousel Theatre has a hit on its hands.
Wide Awake Hearts is concerned with reality and illusion in general—watching it, we don’t always know when we’re in a scene from the movie and when we’re in a scene from the framing story.
It’s perfect. I didn’t want it to end.
The basic dramatic premise feels flawed.
Subway Stations of the Cross is an eccentric, sometimes beautiful meditation—and I’m not knocking the script when I say that I wanted it to go deeper.
You’ve got to struggle through some weird stuff with Cuckoo’s Nest, but, in the end, this production makes magic.