Vancouver Art Gallery adds over 150 donated works its collection


The Vancouver Art Gallery has just added more than 150 donated works to its collection, including a famous piece by U.S. photographer Robert Frank.

Frank’s iconic photograph Parade, Hoboken, New Jersey was given to the gallery by local art patrons Andrew Gruft and Claudia Beck, the gallery has announced. The black-and-white image of a fluttering American flag and two figures standing in the windows of a brick building is from Frank’s 1950s series “The Americans”.

The estate of Quebec artist Charles Gagnon has also donated more than 100 of his photographs to the Vancouver Art Gallery. Other acquisitions include works by Arthur Lismer, Myfanwy McLeod, Alex Morrison, Elspeth Pratt, and Lawrence Weiner.

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This is a great photo, no question about it. But what about giving the VAG a russian icon, medieval tapestry, African mask, or Renaissance painting? Why is the permanent collection so relentlessly focused on the local and the recent? [And, no I don't have the means to give the VAG these items--though if I did, I would.]
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