Vancouver Fringe Fest review: Fear Factor, Canine Edition is polished and affecting


Human love is complicated; pet love is unequivocal. At the heart of John Grady’s solo show is Abby, the dog he lived with for 13 years. Grady tells us about Abby’s training as a service dog and her participation in “doga” (dog yoga) classes, but he also dishes the dirt on a much less satisfying relationship with a human female, the gorgeous and filthy-rich model, Natasha. Grady is an assured performer, and don’t be fooled by his formal appearance: as he opens up about his fears of losing his greatest love, we feel the grief right along with him. Polished and affecting.

At the Waterfront Theatre on September 7 (10:25 p.m.), 8 (4:15 p.m.), 9 (noon), 12 (6:45 p.m.), 13 (8:35 p.m.), and 15 (7:20 p.m.).

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