Vancouver Fringe Fest review: Hanafuda Denki: A Tale Of Playing Cards offers diminishing returns


This wild piece of Japanese absurdism offers diminishing returns. The story is about Karuta, a living girl in a family of dead people. She falls in love with a living thief named Kitaro, but her folks don’t like this kind of mixed marriage so they set her up with a good-looking dead boy. At first, the wild mashups sustain interest—the fishnet stockings under the traditional robes, the Broadway-style tunes sung in Japanese—but, with some exceptions, the show is so loudly aggressive that, after a while, everything starts to look the same, and it’s hard to care about its self-consciously philosophical questions.

At Performance Works on September 6 (8 p.m.), 7 (6:30 p.m.), and 9 (10:10 p.m.)

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colin thomas' reviews remind me of why I left vancouver. Smug and self indulgent. Of course the play sucks because Colin could do better......but guess what he doesn't ! This was a great play and far bettr then anything Mr. Thoa could possible concieve of while farting into his couch pontificating.
Rating: -4
This is one of the most intriguing performances I've ever seen at a Fringe festival. Fantastic costumes, great acting, great use of the stage, with minimal props, and funky Japanese music. Definitely quirky--a dark subject with humourous twists. The performance never lagged. I only wish I could have sat in the front row in order to drink it all in. Loved every minute of it.
Rating: -1
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