Vancouver Fringe Fest review: Temple Of Khaos: A Modern Myth is all over the place


This company should have its artistic licence revoked. The performers seem to think they are clowning, but they’re really just putting on whiteface, galumphing around, and wasting time. They tell a very loose story about the planet Earth and the mythical figures who shape its destiny. The evil temptress Donalda Trumpulus makes it clear that war and materialism are bad. Line that contains the most truth: “I am a spaceship. I am an idiot.”
At the Revue Stage on Friday, September 7 (8:35 p.m.), 8 (9:50 p.m.), 9 (1:55 p.m.), 11 (9:30 p.m.), 14 (5 p.m.), and 15 (3:45 p.m.).
> Colin Thomas

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Donald Clancy
this play is silly very visceral play that made people squirm. not because it was bad but because it was clowning done in a very uncommon and intelligent manner. Like most clown plays the beauty of this play is in how they do it. A clown? play for those who don't normally like clowning. Very intelligent.
Rating: -5
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