Vancouver Fringe Festival review: Themes of community and identity struggle to emerge in Escape Artists II


As we perch on the fire escape that serves the parking lot across from the Lafarge cement plant, we watch Liz and Dave anticipate the end of the world. Diffidently, they move towards a personal connection, but we don’t know enough about them to care. In a later scene that takes place higher up the fire escape, Gwen and Lisha have apparently survived the apocalypse, but their memories are fragile. Playwright Martin Gover has them free associate, often referring to the media that, it seems, helped to destroy civilization: “I”¦I/iPod.” Themes of community and identity struggle to emerge. A story would have helped to release them.

On the fire escape on September 13 (5:15 p.m.), 14 (5:15 p.m.), 15 (6:15 p.m.), 16 (6:15) 17 (6:15 p.m.), 18 (1, 3, and 5 p.m.), and 19 (noon, 2, 4, and 6 p.m.)

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martin gover
I agree with Mr Thomas - a story would have been great - but hey I had 15 mins per 'bit' and was going for the 'snippet' approach - you know when you overhear something across the, well, fire escape, its intriguing, but of course not the full story...

Movie rights are available for the full story
Rating: -1
mark henderson
I saw escape artists 2, I kinda got it I thought, and liked the characters, especially the Liz and Dave ones. I thought it was a clever idea
Rating: +2
barbara Sorenson
I loved it - i dont know if I understood it all, but I loved the fire escape and the whole thing. I think it was a great Fringe show
Rating: 0
sally frinch
I loved the experience of the thing, being almost part of the show.I wanted to kiss Lisha when she asked- and I was on Liz's side in the argument with Dave, in fact I was right between them.Great Fringe stuff
Rating: -3
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