Vancouver's YouTube sensation Peter Chao the offender of the realm

Peter Chao became an overnight Internet sensation by defying political correctness and baiting tween-pop fans.

Perhaps because there are no tween-pop pretty boys on the restaurant stereo, no Asians slurping noodles at the next table, and no superfine mudabitches to get him hot and bothered, the man known as Peter Chao is remarkably mellow on this sweet summer day.

This will come as a surprise to the millions of viewers who’ve made him a certified star on YouTube. The man who’s kicking back at the Reef on Commercial Drive today is anything but laid-back on the Internet. Fire up Google, punch in “Justin Bieber + Chinese Guy”, and you’ll find him ranting about the fresh-faced teen idol’s “Baby” video, his outrage sparked by the fact the Canadian singer and his “stupid white-ass friends” have the gall to dance in the lanes at a bowling alley. Or, as Chao puts it, “da bowring arrey”. Do a search for “Chinese Guy + Facebook”, and you’ll see him ripping Facebook addicts for the way they’ll update their status with things like “sleeping” when it’s clear that they aren’t really “sreeping”.

And enter “Chinese Guy + Black Man” and you’ll end up watching Chao pushing buttons with a clip in which a rasta who looks suspiciously like Peter Chao in blackface stops by his home for a meal consisting of fried chicken and watermelon.

The latter video ended up getting him suspended by YouTube for two weeks, which, funnily enough, only made him more popular. And make no mistake: Chao, whose clips find him speaking with an accent that suggests a street-smart update of Sixteen Candles icon Long Duk Dong, is insanely popular. “Chinese Guy Eats Sooo Loud!”—one of his 78 videos on YouTube—is sitting at nearly 1.8 million views, with many right around the million mark.

What makes this amazing is that, even now, he’s in many ways flying completely under the radar in Vancouver. If Chad Kroeger or Michael Bublé are out on the town, they can’t step up to a urinal without someone wanting to shake their hand. The Vancouver-based Chao, however, is still at the point where being recognized is a novelty to him. The 23-year-old recalls one of his first public appearances in Lotusland, a few months back at the Modern nightclub in Gastown.

“I sat there in my own VIP section,” he says. “It was very weird—there were girls actually fighting to get in line. I was like, ”˜Why are they treating me like a celebrity?’ I’m just a guy who makes videos on YouTube.”

Chao might be just a guy who makes videos on YouTube, but even he will admit that he’s become a phenomenon. Completely unknown two years ago, he’s now the 62nd-most-popular personality on the world’s biggest video-sharing network. In terms of YouTube celebrities from the Great White North, Bieber holds down top spot, but Chao is currently sitting at number three. Or, as he might say in his hilariously exaggerated, fresh-off-the-boat accent, “numbah free”.

Politically incorrect? In the tradition of Borat, South Park, and Tropic Thunder, totally. Hilarious? Absolutely, which explains why Chao’s status as the most famous Vancouverite you’ve never heard of is quickly changing in a big way.

“I was in Tiffany a while ago—you know, the jewellery store,” he recounts. “This security guard—this massive, buff guy—runs up to me and he gets, like, severely giddy. There’s this massive guy who kicks people’s asses every day for stealing jewellery, and he’s standing in front of me going: ”˜You’re so funny—so fucking funny. Keep it up, man, because you’re awesome.’ That’s when you realize there are people out there who really appreciate your work.”

Chinese Guy STILL HATES Justin Bieber.


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I know a lot of people (older readers, self-proclaimed "classy" people with discerning tastes) are going to send you complaints for featuring this guy, but I applaud this interview. Thanks for paying attention to what people are watching, and not dismissing Peter Chao because he's too juvenile or offensive. This guy is very popular and I'm glad people in the media are finally paying attention to him. You can read Wall Street Journal and still enjoy Peter Chao's "Chinese Guy Eats SOOO Loud" -- it's a classic.
Rating: -7
LOVE Peter Chao!!!!! Keep it up!!
Rating: +4
Mark M
Peter Chao is a train on the track, keep chugging along.
Rating: -2
Jon G
Peter Chao is so ..... 2009. Old ... old news.

Did someone at the Straight just discover him or something?
Rating: +1
Matty K.
I love this guy.
Rating: -1
It's not just Peter Chao, Asian comedians are getting really noticed now. About time, even though my current favorite is Ronnie Khalil!
Rating: -1
I am not an indian
Is not funny Chao. If I run into you I'm going to let you know you're a racist.
Rating: -5
I don't understand the popularity of it. it's nothing new or innovative at all. Even reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond are funnier than these videos.
Rating: +10
I tried
I mean I really tried to laugh at this but didn't even chuckle once and I do find some asian comedians hilarious like Dat Phan or Alec Mapa as they do actual jokes and not just put on a fake Asian accent and criticize a pop artiste. Lame.
Rating: -4
man y u all hating, hes trying to make a living and he makes alot of people happy and laugh, if u really read the fucking article, hes a very humble not racist guy who has a normal canadian acccent
Rating: +9
I can't believe people are actually supporting this guy. This guy just uses slangs every second and give a bad influences to younger viewers. Being funny makes everything ok? I don't think so Youtube is just letting this guy make videos because he got a lot of partnerships and Youtube loves Money.
Rating: +3
Peter Chao is a little racist sometimes and ya i do agree that he has set up a very bad example for young viewers. He used to be funny but now, he's just very annoying and offensive. Everything he does is all about $$$$$. That's why i watch popking161 now, he's a magician that does similar thing. And i think they are friends too cuz they both live in van.
Rating: -10
Ronny Six
Peter Chao is a hilarious persona of Davin Tong, a Vancouverite studying at VFS for film productions. It's sad to see his pre-Peter Chao videos removed on youtube since they were also hilarious and showcase his other comedic skills.
Rating: +3
Misty Rainbow
- I would have to agree some of the things are offensive.
- He seems really angry all the time with the swearing. A decent, average, normal person probably wouldn't listen to that since no one will take you seriously if you use obscene language?
- I have never heard the black stereotypes before but the eating dogs thing is what I find extremely offensive, outrageous and barbaric. It's my own culture as well and it disgusts me. I do not see why anyone would kill and eat something they raised as a PET, it's part of the family. So (besides fur) there's really no difference between slaughtering and eating their own children! At this point, I really wouldn't put it past anyone to do that. They have no feelings and they have no souls.
- Other than that, I really can't say he's doing anything wrong. He makes his videos for "humor." If it's your type of humor, go ahead and watch it. If it's NOT, then don't. Exactly like he says "You people who hate, are not important to me. All I care about, are the people that like me and there's so many people on the internet that like me, that all you people who don't like me, !!!! you!" and "I am not forcing you to watch my videos, you can just sit there and do nothing!"
- Though I can't say what his reasons are for making these videos as I am not him. Whether it's for humor, activity when he's bored, getting attention. I can't really say he's doing anything wrong. You gotta admit, there are worse things he could be doing to deal with his anger.
- I think it's good he's trying to get noticed. One reason I AM angry is because of how messed up, rude and racist, discriminative, degrading and derogatory the media is!!!! It doesn't matter where I am looking, on the cover of EVERY magazine, for both males and females. I just see random BLACKS and random WHITES! Where are all the Asians!!!??!! Where are the hispanics, the browns and everything else? Okay, so Justin Bieber hit puberty, what else is new?!
- Although I am aware that whites are the majority of North America, ethnic individuals still live here as well and we DESERVE to be loved and accepted in the place we call "home." That annoying, repetitive, no talent child should NOT be famous. There are better looking Asian guys like Jason Chen aka miniachilles that CAN sing and deserve to be famous. But he's not because of the MEDIA!!!
- Elise Estrada is Asian and she sings. What did SHE DO to get noticed and accepted? The only other "Asians" are in movies. So it makes me wonder HOW they scale these people!!!!
- The media really needs a serious brain examination. I'd be the one going over there to give them a piece of my mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- I DO NOT think it was okay for them to come up with the phrase "Everyone in the country is treated as an equal" because clearly that is NOT what's happening at all!!!
- Everyone including Asians, deserve to be treated with dignity and respect!!!!
Rating: -1
beijing shots
not a big fan of david tong. his jokes are not funny, and he makes fun of easy victims.
Rating: +6
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