Visual Arts Reviews

Mastery, it seems, is a vexed and mysterious business.
Ai personally selected the 227 black-and-white photos (from some 10,000 negatives) on view at the Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery.
In a short introductory video playing in the gallery, Morgan Green talks about the different disciplines and materials she has explored in her young life.
Lorna Brown’s solo show, called Carets, strike-outs, underlines, circles and dots, makes a great fit with its gallery space.
It's somewhere between glam and gritty. Glitty, perhaps.
Consisting of two audio-visual installations and two still photographs, it provides an engaging introduction to her imaginative powers and technical accomplishments.
Early Music Vancouver’s production of Il Trionfo del Tempo was indeed a triumph ruled by time—but not quite in the way that its composer, George Frederick Handel, intended.
Open Borders/Crossroads Vancouver spotlights eight contemporary Brazilian artists at the Pipefitters Building in Shipyard Square.
Exile and immigration, language and culture, colonization and land claims, friends, family, and community, all find thoughtful expression in a show whose character is both indigenous and diasporic.
“SANDSTORM”, Chris Woods’s new series of paintings, is a thematic and stylistic departure from the work that has garnered him attention and acclaim.