Visual Arts Reviews

The memories summoned by Cardiff and Miller are often unsettling, occasionally disturbing, and frequently dark.
This genre-busting artist brings fresh energy to the project of abstraction, incorporating elements of analytical cubism, stain painting, abstract illusionism, quilting, and collage into her art.
In a feisty new show at the Museum of Anthropology, the digital and the sampled express resilience and frustration, wit and rage.
The 15 artists represented in this Surrey Art Gallery show have responded not only to the history but also to recent incidents of attempted mass migration and hostile responses by government and media.
Guest-curated by Wil Aballe, Post Rem surveys works by Evan Broens, Jason Gowans, Patryk Stasieczek, and Matt Trahan.
Kevin Schmidt’s art, on display at the Contemporary Art Gallery, is as much about process as it is about product.
The Museum of Vancouver exhibit asks us to consider what it would be like to share a city with wild animals.
Gesamtkunstwerk introduces a spectacularly torqued tower and its future artworks.
MacLeod’s recent target is the way popular culture has constructed masculinity—and vice versa.