Visual Arts Reviews

MacLeod’s recent target is the way popular culture has constructed masculinity—and vice versa.
Drawn mostly from the VAG’s extensive holdings, with a few smart loans from public and private collections, it reveals some of the gallery’s historic strengths.
When artists act as curators, they usually bring a new set of perceptual tools to the construction of exhibitions.
The show surveys contemporary art from Havana and is intended to convey aspects of that city’s social, political, historical, cultural, and economic complexities—no small task.
In (Da bao)(Takeout), take-away food is a metaphor for the import and export of culture, people, and ideas between East and West generally, and between China and Canada more specifically.
Publication Studio breaks out the laser prints for its first storefront show.
In Rabih Mroué’s video Shooting Images, a rooftop sniper and a cameraman at a blown-out window focus their sights on each other.
Like so many artists of his generation and education, Lewis is fascinated by modernity.
A Better Tomorrow is a kind of grab bag of images, old and new, large and small, black-and-white and colour.
The images shown and the stories told in VERB WOMAN examine geopolitical and sectarian conflict, individual and collective memory, and the selectiveness of history.