Visual Arts Reviews

Hearts and Arrows also reminds us of the passing of time and the making of place.
A new exhibition of collages by Natasha McHardy and drawings by Marina Roy at Wil Aballe Art Projects is changing the local art dialogue.
Works by Jen Aitken, Lou Lynn, Brendan Lee Satish Tang, and Julie York find ways to employ traditional materials such as glass, clay, bronze, and fabric while also questioning our beliefs about craft and skill.
Pieces by artists Nancy Holt and Erin Shirreff address the role photography may play in realizing an artist’s intentions.
In 2010, the home community of Kwakwaka’wakw artist Marianne Nicolson was hit by a devastating flood.
Remember that old academic adage: a master’s thesis is nothing about everything and a doctoral dissertation is everything about nothing?
Traditionally, the male body has been one that has been covered or hidden while the female body has been subject to the (male) gaze.
Paint, which includes paintings by Lyle Wilson over 20 years, recently opened at the Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art.
The Algerian-born multidisciplinary artist uses lighthouses to address important themes and subjects, including colonization, navigation, and cultural identity.
Vancouver-based photographer Catherine Stewart's exhibit at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum juxtaposes the colours, patterns, and textures of bird plumage with those of vintage clothing and accessories.