Visual Arts Reviews

Vancouver-based Babak Golkar offers us 30 oddly shaped terra-cotta pots to pick up and scream into at the West Vancouver Museum.
Although it wasn’t a glittering silver bracelet or a glossy black argillite sculpture, one object in the Vancouver Art Gallery’s estimable Charles Edenshaw exhibition struck me dumb with wonder.
A magical exhibition of Mexican art is on at the UBC Museum of Anthropology.
Collecting objects and images is one of humankind’s most enduring impulses.
Claxton has an uncanny ability to seduce the eye with the formal qualities of her art and then trouble the mind with its content.
Emerging Native and non-Native artists respond to British rule at the newly relocated UNIT/PITT Projects space.
The video projection displayed at the Or Gallery was shot at the abandoned site in 2009.
Twenty-one artists are represented in an exhibit at the Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery that gives voice to victims of the Indian Residential School program.
Yuichi Takasaka’s photographs of the aurora borealis are so vividly detailed and richly hued that you can almost hear the magnetic swish of the pale green, pink, and blue lights as they shift and shimmer across the night sky.