Dumped CBC host Jian Ghomeshi has issued his second Facebook statement in response to the growing number of allegations that he has abused women.

This morning (October 30), the former host of Q—who has reportedly enlisted the crisis management services of the PR firm Navigator—posted on his Facebook page:

I want to thank you for your support and assure you that I intend to meet these allegations directly.

I don’t intend to discuss this matter any further with the media.

What do you think would happen when a homophobe hugs a gay person for the first time in his or her life?

Well, you'll see in the following video, an experiment by the Gay Women Channel. It's from a few months ago but it's still very relevant, even here in Canada where gay rights may exist but so do homophobes, some behind veneers of political correctness.

Anyhow, if you're in need of cheering up, this should put a smile on your face. And make you want to go hug a gay person.

Ten years ago today the first Saw movie was released, marking Hollywood's entry into the so-called "torture porn" sweepstakes.

And what a windfall it's been! The original Saw of 2004 has so far grossed (good word) over $100 million on its $1.2 million-dollar budget. Its success led Saw's makers to release one sequel every year until 2010, when Saw 3D added a couple more dimensions of gore.

I wasn't that crazy about the first Saw. I felt that star Cary Elwes was just bloody awful in it; he ruined it for me. I much preferred Saw II, which I feel is the best of the bunch.

Canada’s women’s national team took on the world champions from Japan on Tuesday night (October 28).

At B.C. Place, the home team lost 3-2, after Aya Sameshima scored the game winner on a breakaway.

14,328 people attended the international women’s soccer friendly match.

Earlier this year, director Rob Bliss and actress Shoshana B. Roberts teamed up to chronicle street harassment in New York City.

For 10 hours, Roberts silently walked the streets with two microphones in her hands while Bliss walked in front of her with a hidden camera to capture the leers, cat-calls, and harassment that followed.

Over the course of those hours, Roberts received some sort of verbal harassment no less than 100 times, in addition to various winks, whistles, and other non-verbal harassment. At one point, Bliss records a man who followed Roberts for five minutes after she did not initially respond to him.

Roberts is also berated by several men for not smiling or responding to their harassment.

Twenty years ago today—on October 29, 1994—Guns N' Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke (the one who wasn't Slash) played the Town Pump. At the time the future of GN'R was very much up in the air, but Clarke was rockin' away with his debut solo album, Pawnshop Guitars, which featured all the then-current Guns members. 

I interviewed him on the phone before the Vancouver gig, and here's the story that ran in the Straight to help promote the show and the new album. 

Halloween is fast approaching, and everyone who’s coughed up their 8 bucks a month for Netflix is no doubt scanning the Horror section to see what’s available.

Decent scary movies are hard to find, so here’s a quick rundown of 10 now streaming on Netflix Canada that I’d recommend.

They’re listed in order of how freakin’ awesome they are:

1) The Cabin in the Woods (2012) “It’s the best horror flick ever made in Vancouver.” (At least it was until Horns came around.)

An unmanned rocket exploded shortly after liftoff today (October 28) at Wallops Island, Virginia.

The AP reported that the ship was owned by Orbital Sciences Corp., which says no one was believed to be injured.

According to the news agency, the ship was carrying gear for the crew of the International Space Station.

Gay history is complicated by the fact that so much was conducted in secrecy, was ignored, or was even intentionally destroyed. Much has been lost or erased. Urban gay history which concentrated in nightclubs and restaurants also tends to disappears as venues vanish and development destroys neighbourhood focal points.

When it comes to media, we may now have numerous TV shows with LGBT characters and even an entire Canadian TV network devoted to LGBT programming (OUTtv). But what came before all of that?

You might not be aware that the first Canadian TV series made by and for LGBT people was produced right here in Vancouver.

Gayblevision, which ran from 1980 to 1986, was the nation's first gay and lesbian cable-access show on West End Cable 10.

How do City of North Vancouver residents feel about one of their mayoral candidates writing the following bigoted sentences?

Bill, to the extent that you are able, and bearing in mind that I would never tell that misserable little prick what a perm-headed fagot I truly believe him to be, tell him to fuck himself in the most polite terms you can find.

You might remind him that since he embarked on my character assassination at trial last week, I feel little inclination to soften the blow to the gay little pud-knockers feelings and more like telling him the way all I know see him to be.