10 awesome vegan eats in Vancouver

With animal-friendly food options definitely on the rise, it’s never been a better time to be vegan in Vancouver.

Here’s a look at 10 mouthwateringly delicious vegan eats—all free of meat, fish, dairy, eggs, and honey—from the city and the suburbs, in no particular order.

(All photos by Stephen Hui)

1. Chocolate cupcake with blueberry icing

Where: Fairy Cakes (3586 Fraser Street, Vancouver).

Why: Who needs a reason to eat cupcakes ($3.65 each, $39.95 for a dozen)?

2. Grilled vegetable panini

Where: Buddha-Full Juice & Smoothies (101-106 West 1st Street, North Vancouver).

Why: This is what other veggie sandwiches should aspire to ($7.95).

3. Scrambled tofu with spinach

Where: Sejuiced (1958 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver).

Why: There are plenty of bad tofu scrams around. This isn’t one of them ($9.75). Pay $1 extra to add Daiya dairy-free cheese for more deliciousness.

4. Blueberry cheesecake

Where: Organic Connections Café (15622 Marine Drive, White Rock).

Why: Even raw-phobes will love this dessert ($7).

5. Chocolate chip cookie sandwich

Where: Edible Flours (2280 West Broadway, Vancouver).

Why: The frosting alone will knock out your sweet tooth ($3.50). There’s a gluten-free version too.

6. Grilled mushroom cheese burger

Where: Loving Hut Express (Pacific Boulevard and Davie Street, Vancouver).

Why: The Supreme Master could teach Burger King a thing or two ($8).

7. Vegan chocolate ice cream

Where: Earnest Ice Cream, available at Woodland Smokehouse & Commissary (485 Commercial Drive, Vancouver).

Why: You’ll hardly be able to tell, but this luscious treat is made with coconut milk ($10 for a pint, including a $1 jar return refund).

8. Grilled Cheese Madness

Where: Chomp Vegan Eatery (7-201 Morrissey Road, Port Moody).

Why: Like everything at Chomp, it’s gluten-free goodness ($9.22).

9. No Animals, No Problem chocolate coconut donut

Where: Cartems Donuterie (408 Carrall Street, Vancouver).

Why: No one said vegan food has to be healthy ($3 each, $27 for a dozen).

10. Bun cha gio chay (vegetarian spring roll vermicelli)

Where: Three Jewels (1179 Commercial Drive, Vancouver).

Why: Despite what your parents used to say, you can make a meal out of spring rolls ($6.99).

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Oh man, I'm hungry now!!!
Rating: +6
I want them all!!!
Rating: +4
try panz veggie at 1355 Hornby.Amazing taste. Kung Pao chicken, 3 cup chicken, veggie chow mein, vegetarian fried rice !!! very different from the other chinese vegetarian places. Cozy little place, very clean and comfy.
Rating: -10
There is so much great vegan food in Van, but sometimes I yearn for the Portland or Seattle style vegan junk food. We need a Wayward Cafe in Van. PS, three Jewels is AMAZING.
Rating: -10
BUDGIES BURRITOS are the best because they are delicious. Also, they totally count as junk food.
Rating: -2
So, just to sum up:

$3.65 for a cupcake
$9.75 for scrambled tofu with salad
$7.00 for a slice of cheesecake
$10.00 for a pint of ice cream (sans cream)
$9.22 for a grilled "cheese"
$3.00 for a "doughnut"

No wonder people in Vancouver get laughed at so often.
Rating: -4
BonChaz bakery does great vegan cupcakes (by Dolce delights) and has a fresh made vegan sandwich and soup option. They have two locations now, one on Hastings and one on Main and Broadway. Check it out!!

Nom Nom Nom!

Rating: +4
Vegans who really care about the planet do not patronize food carts and all the garbage they produce nor do they eat $3 donuts from a shop {donuterie!} that is part of the "gentrification" or community destroying efforts of developers in the DTES..
Rating: -4
@ Cathy: It's amazing to see you connect veganism, environmentalism, and anti-poverty sentiments in one sentence.

Problem is, some of us support one but not the other.

What's next? Kick your feet and hold your breath?

Children need to stay out of politics.
Rating: +9
Vegan Olie
Bandidas Taquerias on Commercial at 12th is positively amazing - all vegetarian and everything can be veganized too. They make their own vegan sour cream. 'Nuff said.
Rating: +7
Anna Buescher
This list is missing Panz Veggie, Karmavore (a store, but has a deli/bakery in it) in New Westminster, and Paradis Vegetarian Noodle House in Burnaby.
Rating: -2
Reality Dude
While I agree vegan food can be tasty, if not overpriced... veganism if for school girls and mental patients.
Rating: -4
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