3:01 Pick Me Up: Bauhaus

Let’s face it: 3 p.m. is the cruellest time of the workday. The morning latte has worn off, and the post-lunch crash has you staggering around like an extra from a George A. Romero flick. That’s why, each weekday at 3:01 p.m., we present you with a video hand-picked to kick-start your heart. If the following clip doesn’t bring you temporarily back to life and help get you through the rest of the afternoon, chances are you’re dead inside.

Today’s offering: Can you smell it? Halloween is almost here. Well actually, you probably can’t smell anything other than rotting wet leaves considering that it’s been pissing like the end of days for the past two weeks, but whatever. Close your eyes and you should be able to convince yourself that the air is fragrant with the smell of freshly detonated firecrackers, white greasepaint, and mini-chocolate bars. What better soundtrack than the most awesome Halloween song of all time? Enough daydreaming: open your eyes now and get ready for a 10 minute descent into the world of vampires, bats, and Transylvanian castles. When we finally win the lottery, we’re going to move into a place just like this, complete with the coffin-style bed.

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John Lucas
To me, the definitive Halloween smell is burnt pumpkin. Which you hardly smell anymore because fewer people are using real candles in their jack o'lanterns. Safety be damned!!
Rating: +18
jonny .
ahhhh bauhaus....

its amazing how a song with pretty much only 2 notes can sound so awesome.
Rating: -4
I miss dark gothic pop music....there was a time when that culture was worldwide and the music was exciting and fresh and still had some danger.
Rating: -1
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