Colin Hansen's bilingual newsletter boosts Moira Stilwell's profile

Four months before the next provincial election, Vancouver-Quilchena MLA Colin Hansen has included a letter in Chinese as part of his constituency report.

In an amazing coincidence, a photo of Social Development Minister Moira Stilwell appears alongside the Chinese script.

Stilwell represents Vancouver-Langara in the legislature. She will face former Vancouver councillor George Chow, who's running for the NDP.

Approximately 45 percent of the population in Vancouver-Langara is of Chinese descent, according to the 2006 federal census.

Chow could be a formidable opponent if he's able to marshal significant support in the Chinese-Canadian community.

But don't go suggesting that Hansen is using government funds to boost the electoral prospects of a fellow B.C Liberal.

That would imply the ruling party is doing an end-run around the Election Act—and that would be unethical!

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Mike Klassen*
Interesting speculation, Charlie, but a couple of details to set the record straight.

First, Hansen's newsletters have always contained a Chinese translation of his letter to constituents for at least the last several years going back to before the last election, I believe.

Secondly, the newsletter is only distributed to postal walks in Vancouver-Quilchena, not Vancouver-Langara. Even if a few homes along the Granville Street border got it by accident, it would be an inconsequential number.

Btw, I think there is a photo on the front page that shows Kerry Jang standing beside Hansen. Does that mean Colin is promoting Vision?

As high profile as George Chow was in municipal politics, he has a steep hill to climb to challenge Stilwell provincially. She beat her NDP opponent by about 4,500 votes last time if my memory is correct. Frankly, I think Chow was acclaimed in the riding to keep him onside after the Gabriel Yiu loss in Fraserview. It is not likely Chow will be going to Victoria regardless of the election outcome.
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