#Upsettlers tweets mock ignorant #IdleNoMore critics

If you didn't find the #Ottawapiskat hashtag funny, you might be one of the #UpsettlersLike the former, the latter hashtag is being used on Twitter to satirize criticisms being levelled at Idle No More

But, this time, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Conservative government aren't the butt of the joke. No, that honour goes to the "upset settlers" themselves.

It's not just name-calling. Many of these tweets expose the ignorance, racism, and colonial attitudes behind complaints about the indigenous-sovereignty movement. 

(Contributing is easy. Just take anything tweeted by Ethical Oil pusher Ezra Levant and add the #Upsettlers hashtag to it.)

Here's a few of my favourite #Upsettlers tweets.

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Reggie Vibes
#Upsettlers can kiss my #Hashtag
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