Kroll Show takes on Canada: "We're not in Saskatoon anymore, Mom!"

Comedian and Grade-A weirdo Nick Kroll debuted his new sketch comedy show, the appropriately titled Kroll Show, last night on Comedy Central.

And if this clip—a riff on Degrassi called Wheels Ontario—is any indication, I am going to love this show.

There are so many sendups of Canadian clichés in this three-and-a-half minute clip that you'll go dizzy trying to count them all. 

Among the highlights:

Everyone wears red and white.

There is a reference to a poutine dance. 

Kroll's mom, played by the always welcome Kathryn Hahn, gives him a loonie to buy himself a "bahhg of malk". 

And everyone sounds as absurd as I do when I'm making fun of Ontario accents.

My only quibble: why are the children in school on Victoria Day? Ah well, as long as they remember to put some money in the Queen's Jar for good luck.

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I hate to break it to you, but Americans are laughing at us, not with us when they ridicule our accents. I know we all want to believe that it is a 'sendup'. But, I've lived in the USA for 10 Years in 5 different States...they are simply ridiculing us. So nothing to be proud of, quite pathetic actually, to feel proud to be insulted.
Rating: -3
Point being? Who cares if Americans are ridiculing us or not? They're American and their opinions mean nothing.
Rating: +2
Yeah because when we make fun of America we're not simply ridiculing them, right? Not to mention, this show is more ridiculing Ontario than all of Canada, and nobody likes Ontario anyways.
Rating: +2
You're correct, we are all ridiculing you. No, not just Ontario.
Rating: +6
So acting like Americans is funny?? Its Embarrassing At least Kids in the Hall show pride for Canada
Rating: +2
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